Employees of the Year

Congratulations to Ben Lopez, our EWCSD
Administrator of the Year!!

Ben routinely goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the school sites and various departments throughout the District. Ben's work and leadership has touched every single one of our fourteen schools and each of our departments. Ben's leadership is a consistent source of reassurance and responsiveness. He has artfully led his team of grounds and operations to transform our classrooms and campuses to meet the ever changing requirements from the Los Angeles County Health Department. While this is not atypical for Ben, the compassion that he has shown and the level of understanding he has demonstrated is a model for all administrators when dealing with intense feelings and emotions. Thank you Ben for your dedication, work ethic, and compassion.

Congratulations to Brittney Guerra, our EWCSD
Teacher of the Year!!

It is a joy to recognize Brittney Guerra as our East Whittier City School District Teacher of the Year.  Miss G has been AWESOME since day #1 and it is exciting to see her receive this honor and to see others recognize her for what we have known for years at Leffingwell. Miss G is a one of a kind super special teacher!  Most everyone has had THAT teacher that you always remember because they had a huge impact on your life and made coming to school and learning a wonderful thing.  Well Miss G is THAT teacher!  Her classroom is an awesome place for students to learn, grow, and thrive!  Miss G works hard each week to implement school and District goals/initiatives within her classroom AND she always rises to any challenge. Congratulations on this well deserved honor! 

Congratulations to Delfina Torres, our EWCSD
Classified Employee of the Year!!

It is our pleasure to be able to introduce Delfina Torres as our District Classified Employee of the Year.  This is her 15th year working in our District with the past few years with us at Murphy Ranch. She is kind, thoughtful, and helpful in all her interactions with the students and myself. Her compassionate personality is apparent both in and outside of the classroom, and the positivity she radiates is contagious.Delfina makes an impact on those around her and the students she works with.  She is always eager to step up and pitch in wherever it is needed. She is truly a model of the type of impact one person can make on those around them. Thank you for everything you do!