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Employees of the Year

Congratulations to Lorena Duran, our EWCSD
Administrator of the Year!!

We are thrilled to announce the East Whittier City School District’s Administrator of the Year, Mrs. Lorena Duran! Mrs. Duran has worked with EWCSD since 2008 when she was hired as a School Social Worker. Since then, she has served as a District Mental Health Social Worker, Program Specialist, and is currently serving as the Director of Student Services. Mrs. Duran is passionate, skilled, and resourceful. She leads by example and works tirelessly to increase school-based support services and programs for our students and their families. She has co-written multiple grants that have brought millions of dollars in funding to our District in the form of counselors, bullying prevention programs, and safety services. Mrs. Duran is always focused on people and believes in the power of relationships. She builds capacity within the organization and has empowered all members of her team to support our families with the greatest need. She has been a valuable asset to our District, and we are proud to have her on our EWCSD team. Mrs. Lorena Duran truly embodies what it means to be an exceptional Administrator. 

Congratulations to Kelly Fierro, our EWCSD
Teacher of the Year!!

It gives us great pleasure to announce Ms. Kelly Fierro as East Whittier City School District’s Teacher of the Year! She has worked with the District for over 21 years at Ocean View Elementary. Ms. Fierro is an exemplary teacher whose dedication to her students is evident in all that she does. She goes above and beyond to make sure that all students are the best they can be. She holds students to very high standards and follows through to make sure they achieve. Ms. Fierro is a life-long learner and is the first to implement new strategies and make them her own. Her teaching philosophy is one in which student learning is central. Her goal is to make sure that each of her students is actively engaged and excited about learning. Ms. Fierro believes that having a personal connection with her students is crucial. She understands that when students know their teacher cares, they will work that much harder to make them proud. She also believes that by establishing a warm and safe environment, students feel comfortable taking risks and work together to come up with innovative solutions to real-life problems. Ms. Fierro’s exceptional leadership skills extend beyond the classroom. Ms. Fierro is an integral part of the school’s Leadership Team and enjoys sharing best practices with her colleagues. She serves as a mentor for new teachers and is always humble and gracious. Ms. Fierro truly embodies what it means to be a phenomenal teacher. Congratulations, Ms. Kelly Fierro!

Congratulations to Yadira Rinaldi, our EWCSD
Classified Employee of the Year!!

We are proud to announce that Mrs. Yadira Rinaldi is East Whittier City School District’s Classified Employee of the Year! Mrs. Rinaldi is a dedicated parent, PTA board member, and has been an Instructional Assistant at Mulberry Elementary for the past two years. Mrs. Rinaldi is well-known and respected by all of the members of the community. Whenever there is a need, she is always happy to volunteer her time to help the school. Mrs. Rinaldi is warm, caring, and loves kids- the perfect combination of characteristics that make an exceptional Instructional Aide. She is creative, helpful, and flexible, amongst many other things. Mrs. Rinaldi always goes above and beyond expectations. Everyone that works with Mrs. Rinaldi can not say enough about what a pleasure it is to work with her. She is a beautiful person inside and out- a ray of walking sunshine! Her commitment to our students is what truly makes her an exceptional Classified Employee of the Year.