Potential School Facilities Improvement Bond

Investing in Secure, Up-to-Date, and Academically Inspiring School Environments in East


Our schools in East Whittier City School District (EWCSD) stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering academic excellence and nurturing the potential of every student. With a legacy of educational accomplishments and a future teeming with promise, our district navigates the challenges posed by aging and outdated school infrastructures, striving to ensure that every student benefits from a safe, modern, and conducive learning environment.

The Challenge of Ageing School Facilities

Many of our neighborhood educational environments, some constructed over 60 years ago, are demonstrating wear and straining under the challenges of contemporary educational demands.

These structures, having nobly served generations of students, now require crucial upgrades to remove hazardous materials, ensure structural soundness, and integrate modern technologies and safety features to maintain an optimal learning and teaching atmosphere.

Comprehensive and Considerate Upgrades for EWCSD

In our unwavering commitment to our students and staff, the EWCSD is exploring various strategic avenues for upgrading and revitalizing our schools. Recognizing that the State does not provide adequate funding for such crucial facility improvements, EWCSD is contemplating the introduction of a school facilities improvement bond measure for the community to ponder and

weigh in.

Potential applications of the measure funds might encompass:

Renovating and Retrofitting: Overhauling essential structural elements – roofs, plumbing,

electrical frameworks, and more – to ensure durability, safety, and modern compliance.

Modernization of Classrooms and Labs: Retrofitting learning spaces to uphold and elevate

STEM education, thereby ensuring our students are adeptly prepared to navigate a technologically-driven future with competence and confidence.

Upholding Safety and Security: Proactively removing hazardous materials and ensuring all facilities are not only in compliance with but exceed, health and safety standards, guaranteeing a secure learning environment for every student and staff member.

Supporting Career Preparedness: Establishing modern labs, career training facilities, and

availing contemporary equipment to seamlessly merge academic knowledge with practical skills, preparing our students to excel in their future careers.

The East Whittier Promise: Local Investment, Local Impact 

With the steadfast assurance that every cent raised will be judiciously applied within our community, the proposed measure underpins a transparent, accountable, and wise investment in our collective future. It not only signifies a commitment to our children’s education but also a

prudent investment in our community, enhancing our local economy, and preserving the vitality and value of Whittier.

Learn More about Our Path Forward

Your informed support is pivotal. To delve deeper into our plans and understand the specifics of our proposed school upgrades, please explore the following resources: