Privacy Policies

Congress enacted the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in 1998 with amendments in 2012. The primary purpose of COPPA is to place parents in control over the information gathered about their children by online apps. The Rule applies to commercial websites/apps that collect, use, or disclose personal information from children, and operators of general audience websites or online services with actual knowledge that they are collecting, using or disclosing personal information from children under 13.
Computer and Internet access are provided to all EWCSD students for classroom instruction. For students under the age of 13, COPPA permits school districts, such as ours, to provide consent to the collection of personal information strictly for educational purposes on behalf of all of its students. This eliminates the need for parents to provide direct consent to each digital service the school utilizes in your child's instruction.
Parents wishing to deny access to these educational tools, including the use of Chrome devices that require a Google Apps account, must do so in writing to the principal indicating their child should be denied access to these tools. It should be noted that because EWCSD provides your child a relevant education through integrated technology, denying access to these educational tools will prove problematic for any classes utilizing Chromebooks for instructional purposes.
Google Apps For Education
East Whittier City School District uses Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and other digital resources to facilitate learning through research, communication, collaboration and creativity. GAFE is a collection of free online applications, such as a word processor, spreadsheet, a presentation program, as well as online file storage.
GAFE is provided by Google specifically for educational institutions. As such, Google does not collect or use student date in GAFE for advertising or ad creation. In addition, all advertisements are turned off in GAFE services. So if your child is logged into his or her Google Apps account, he or she will not see ads when using Google Search.
Students are given a District-owned Google Apps account. These accounts are managed by the District and not by Google. Your child's Google Apps account allows access to Google's online applications (Google Apps) and file storage (Google Drive) from any web browser. While your child's username looks like an email address, it is not an email account. EWCSD does not provide email to our students.
These District-issued accounts are only for educational purposes and are NOT meant for exchanging personal messages to peers, for registering to online social networks (i.e. Instagram, Facebook), or subscribing to internet/public community sites.
Access to and use of GAFE at schools is considered a privilege. The District maintains the right to immediately withdraw the access and use of GAFE when there is reason to believe that violations of law or District policies have occurred. The District also reserves the right to monitor GAFE and any online services used by students for improper use.
Internet Usage
Although the District does not have control of the information on the Internet, it attempts to provide prudent and available barriers when utilizing District-provided technological resources. Other sites accessible via the Internet may contain material that is illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or potentially offensive to some people. While the District's intent is to make Internet access available to further its educational goals and objectives, students will have the ability to access other materials as well. The District believes that the benefits to educators and students in the form of information resources and opportunities for collaboration via the Internet far exceeds any disadvantages of access. Ultimately, parents/guardians are responsible for setting and conveying the standards that their children should follow.
Current Digital Resources
The following is a list of websites and apps used by students at EWCSD. These websites and apps may not be used by all grades. Included are links to each vendor's Privacy Policy statement:
Scholastic Reading Inventory (View Scholastic Reading Inventory Privacy Policy)