Congratulations To Jose Cabrera, Our EWCSD Classified Employee Of The Year!!

We very proud to announce that Mr. Jose Cabrera is East Whittier City School District’s Classified Employee of the Year!! Mr. Cabrera can be described as a homegrown employee. He was once a student in our schools and now he is doing phenomenal work with some of our students with significant needs. He has taken on a wide variety of roles and has served as a coach, a mentor, and an educator. You can always find him working with youth in the community, the after school program and in the Opportunity Room. He is truly dedicated as he blends all of his roles to make a positive impact on the lives of the students. He is always present and ready to do whatever it takes to help the students and their families. What really sets him apart are his interpersonal skills, as they allow him to form connections with all students, but specifically with the students that can be hardest to reach. Students know he truly cares. He is known to have coached both current and former students on community basketball teams. He facilitates communication with all parents, particularly parents who have difficulty speaking English and primarily speak Spanish. Current parents and parents of former students alike value his input and advice. Mr. Cabrera's dedication to our students, his colleagues and his continued commitment to going above and beyond are what truly make him an exceptional Classified Employee of the Year.