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Parent Assistance Form

Welcome to the Parent Assistance Website


In order to better serve the needs of our students and their families, this website has been created to streamline the process for getting assistance with a specific concern which cannot be addressed at the school site.


Please note that per Board Policy and Education Code, concerns about school issues must be addressed at the school site with either the student’s teacher or an administrator. Because there are other concerns that are most appropriately resolved at the site level and because site level personnel can best guide parents as to whom to contact, the school should be the first point of contact. Below are several examples:

  • Class placement/schedules (including Early Bird/Late Owl Kindergarten)
  • Grades
  • Discipline issues
  • IEP/Special Education Issues
  • Teacher-related issues
  • Activity/Athletic issues
  • Transportation  issues 

If your concern/question falls into any of the above categories, please contact your child’s teacher or administrator.  Decisions related to these issues are made at the site level.


There are two reasons to use the following form.  One, you have already made a good faith effort to resolve your concern with your school principal or two, your concern is not school related.


In those cases, please complete the Parent Assistance Form to request help in the resolution of your concern.  Once submitted, your information will be forwarded to the appropriate individual who will contact you within one working day (excluding weekends and holidays). Please be aware that information submitted on this website must not use profanity or engage in personal attacks.

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