Virtual Parent Preview- Comprehensive Sexual Health Education for 7th Grade Students

Missed the Virtual Parent Preview Webinar? Click below to find the presentation slides that were reviewed. 

California state law, the California Healthy Youth Act, requires that comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention education be provided to students at least once in middle school or junior high school and once in high school, starting in seventh grade.


Instruction must encourage students to communicate with parents, guardians, or other trusted adults about human sexuality. Instruction must be medically accurate, age‐appropriate, and inclusive of all students. It must include the following:

  • Information about HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including transmission, FDA approved methods to prevent HIV and STIs, and treatment.
  • Information that abstinence is the only certain way to prevent unintended pregnancy and HIV and other STIs, and information about the value of delaying sexual activity.
  • Discussion about social views of HIV and AIDS.
  • Information about accessing resources for sexual and reproductive health care.
  • Information about pregnancy, including FDA, approved prevention methods, pregnancy outcomes, prenatal care, and the newborn safe surrender law.
  • Information about sexual orientation and gender, including the harm of negative gender stereotypes.
  • Information about healthy relationships and avoiding unhealthy behaviors and situations.


East Whittier City School District will deliver California mandated comprehensive sexual health education in a distance learning format using the Advocacy for Youth 3R’s (Rights, Respect, Responsibility) Google Classroom curriculum.  The instruction will be delivered to 7th-grade students in their Science class between April 6-May 28, 2021. 

Instructional materials are available for review by parents/guardians. The curriculum can be inspected below as well as: 1) online at by selecting the link titled “CA Lesson Plans”; 2) by appointment at your child’s middle school office, or 3) by reviewing the slide presentation from our District Virtual Parent Preview Night that was held on March 18, 2021 @ 5:00pm-6:00pm.


State law allows you to remove your child from this instruction. If you do not want your student to participate in comprehensive sexual health/HIV prevention education, please complete the Opt-Out Google Form accessible here by Thursday, April 1, 2021. You will need to know your child’s science teacher’s name to complete your request to opt-out.   


Due to this distance learning format, it is important for families to ensure that:

  • Students have headphones and/or a private space away from younger children to participate in these lessons.
  • Students do not record or distribute any of the instructional material.

The Google Classroom has 11 lessons which include the PowerPoint slides from the curriculum which can be inspected online at by selecting the link titled “CA Lesson Plans” and selecting the folder titled "Middle School - Lessons and PPTs".


There are also the following videos embedded in each lesson which can be accessed on, unless otherwise stated below, by searching for the title.


Middle School Lessons

Lesson Themes

Videos used for each lesson:

Lesson 1: Blue is for Boys, Pink is for Girls

  • Gender role, gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation
  • Gender Identity: Gender Roles and Stereotypes
  • Inspiring the Future - Redraw the Balance 

Lesson 2: Sexual Orientation, Behavior and Identity

  • Knowledge of components of sexual orientation
  • Sexual Orientation: What is Sexual Orientation? 
  • Sexual Orientation: Coming Out LGBTQ+

Lesson 3: Everybody’s Got Body Parts

  • Review of internal and external sexual and reproductive systems
  • Puberty: Biological Female Anatomy 
  • Puberty: Biological Male Anatomy

Lesson 4: Reproduction Basics

  • Review the process of human reproduction by identifying the correct order of the steps involved  with conception.
  • Define sexual intercourse
  • Pregnancy & Reproduction Explained

Lesson 5: STI Smarts

  • Facts about STI symptoms
  • No need to distribute California Minor Consent Laws card
  • What are STDs? #FactCheck

Lesson 6: HIV & AIDS

  • Define HIV, AIDS, STI and understand the differences between each one.
  • Understand magnitude of HIV infection and AIDS pandemic.
  • Describe routes of, and behaviors that lead to, HIV transmission. 
  • STDs & HIV: What is HIV?

Lesson 7: Birth Control Basics

  • Review of all available birth control methods.
  • Impact of correct and consistent use of birth control method and effectiveness at preventing pregnancy.
  • Contraceptives Got Talent

Lesson 8: What if?

  • Symptoms of pregnancy and choices when pregnant. 
  • Access medically accurate information about pregnancy options, including prenatal care. 
  • Pregnancy & Reproduction: What is an abortion?
  • Big Status Update
  • Heartbreak, hope and healing: A Young Mother's Adoption Story

Lesson 9: Warning Signs

  • Review mutual consent, unfair manipulation, threats, and aggression.
  • Impacts of a sexual assault or abusive relationships and how to report them. 
  • Personal Safety: What is Sexual Assault
  • Intimate Partner Violence

Lesson 10: Making SMART Choices

  • Demonstrate an understanding of using a decision-making model to determine whether they want to be in a sexual relationship. 
  • Demonstrate their understanding of how to apply the SMART decision-making model to real-life situations. 
  • Healthy Relationships: I got a friend - Peer Pressure

Lesson 11: Assertive Communication in Relationships

  • Describe three different types of communication people use.
  • Demonstrate how to effectively use assertive communication in relationships.
  • Healthy Relationships- How to be a Good Listener
If you need assistance accessing the curriculum please email
For information on the California Healthy Youth Act, California Education Code (EC) sections 51930–51939, please visit the California Legislative Information Web Page or contact the Student Services office to request a copy at 562-907-5978.
If you have questions regarding this instruction please email your child's 7th grade Science teacher, school nurse, counselor, or principal. Email addresses for each middle school site can be found on each school's website.