Staff Development

The East Whittier City School District ensures that the Conditions of Learning are conducive for learning and growing for its students and staff by providing meaningful professional learning. All staff development in the East Whittier City School District revolves around the California State Common Core State Standards. Teachers and administrators review the Common Core State standards, establish benchmarks and expectations in specific subject areas, and build meaningful assessments to ensure the mastery of claims and targets. Teachers align their classroom curriculum to ensure that all students, with a focus on all significant student groups, either meet or exceed the state standards.
The East Whittier City School District sponsors three staff development days annually where teachers are offered a broad-based variety of professional learning opportunities. Teachers and staff have the opportunity to receive professional learning in the implementation of the Common Core State Standards, best teaching practices, mathematical practices, technology, writing, socio-emotional learning, classroom management, and the Next Generation Science Standards. Teachers and staff receive this professional learning from instructional coaches, hired consultants, and fellow colleagues.
In addition to the three staff development days, EWCSD offers additional opportunities throughout the year for staff members to participate in professional learning within the District.
All staff members across the District have a built-in time for Professional Learning Communities to collaborate with their current grade levels/departments and to participate in vertical articulation as well on early release Tuesdays (Fridays during Distance Learning). Teachers share best teaching practices and create common assessments to monitor student progress within their PLC time on early release days.